Hridyanshi Jewels –

Brand Management

The brand deals in silver jewellery manufacturing, authentic traditional jewellery. 
It directly or indirectly compete with the brands like amrapali, not on that scale but design wise as they have been manufacturing the Indian stuff since very long time and supplying to the brands like tribe amrapali Jaipur and art karat. Their target market is Indian wedding market, mainly destination. As now a days people don’t want to take real jewellery to destinations but want to wear the same. So they provide the solution by making the same design jewellery in silver to minimize the cost and loss occur in wedding.


Brand did not had an identity, had no structured brand presence and sales channels to grow. It had no engagement, website and social media presence.


We started with the brand positioning and strategy – understanding the market, studying all the other jewelry brands, creating and articulating the brand ethos and then translating them to everything – from brand logo to brand visual language, website design, marketing and so on.


Silver customized jewelry


Abhishek Soni, Jaipur