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Labonita Beauty Essentials –

Brand Management

Labonita is an organic beauty essentials brand that promotes the message of authentic organic products, universally. Creating pure organic products according to authentic prescriptions has been the unique purpose of the brand.
We started when Labonita was just a brand selling products via the mouth publicity. Over the months, we became a part of the Labonita family, and Labonita became a part of ours. Currently, we are managing the brand strategy, creatives, and its complete execution. Labonita has a variety of organic hair masks, face packs, hair oils, body scrub, charcoal teeth whitening, and awesome organic scented soaps! A great endorsement for our work on Labonita came when we increased the no of the audience to almost double and received great feedback about the design and feel.


Brand did not had an identity, had no structured brand presence and sales channels to grow. It had no engagement, shop and design over their social media pages.


We started with the brand positioning and strategy – understanding the market, studying all the other cosmetic brands, creating and articulating the brand ethos and then translating them to everything – from brand logo to brand visual language, packaging design, marketing and so on.


Brand deals in Beauty Essentials like Hair care, Skin care, Facial care etc.


Jasmeet Kaur, Jaipur

Website Design & Brand Brochure

Social Media Management